Delaware Feces Cleanup Information

I offer Delaware feces cleanup services and biohazard cleanup services. If you do a google search for Eddie Evans biohazard cleanup you can learn more about my services.

Althugh some people say that "feces cleanup" is a type of biohazard cleanup, they are not quite correct. What causes human feces to become a biohazard is the addition of human blood to it; no blood, then no biohazard. But, human feces, like feces in general, is infectious. Also, because most human being in Delaware consume animal products, their feces has a high pathogenic load created by bacteria and viruses; viruses, by the way, do not respond to anti-biotics which points to the infectious hazards involved in feces cleanup.

Of course feces cleanup by parents involved in diapher changing offers little hazard, considering their on-going exposure to the bacteria and viruses in their infants' diapers. Human feces carries over 6,000 known viruses, by the way. As for bacteria, the great bulk of human feces consists primarily of water (moisture) and bacteria.

Delaware Fees

We have a basic $250 service fee, which may include up to one hour of labor on the feces cleanup itself. This one hour does not include service in any other area but for the feces cleanup in particular. Redundant here to clear up any misunderstandings.

My fees are dependent on distance to the place of work. So if I have to travel a long distance I will need to charge more. That's why I say "call."

Also, work conditions will factor into my overall fees. For example, if I must provide my own electricity and water I will need to change more. If I must work in a closed-end space I may need to charge an enclosure fee.

Questions I Ask

  • Can you pay cash?
  • Will you be willing to make a 50% down payment before work begins?
  • Is electricity and water available?
  • Is parking available?
  • Will pets be present?
  • Is this an outdoor or indoor assignment?
  • Is carpet involved and will it need removal?
  • Is a bed involved and will it need removal?
  • Is a couch involved and will it need removal?
  • Is a lounge chair or other type of chair involved?
  • How did you find me?


I must have cash. Otherwise there's no point in being in the feces cleanup business. I learned early on that some people will forget that they do not have payment. Or, sometimes people forget that they do not have money in the bank to cover their checks. And then there's the fact that I do not accept credit cards and have not accepted credit cards in many years because of the expenses and bureaucracy involved. So I required cash payment, but I do make exceptions in some circumstances.

Then the circumstances arise where the responsible party believes that my time and labor does not justify the expense. So they either renege on payment in total or partially.

What sort of circumstances would allow me to change my cash only policy? The circumstances arise when a large corporation of some sort does not keep cash on hand or they cannot use their petty cash for one reason or another. It is my experience large corporations are less likely to renege on payment by check. With that said, I have cleaned several times in the past when large apartment complexes were going bankrupt and renege on payment by check. See you can see that there's no way to run a feces cleanup business without accepting cash.

Origins of Feces

Employee company we try to pay attention to our language for the comfort of others. SoIn this 21st-century society of ours we use the word "feces." It seems to have the acceptance of the scientific community and that gives it a legitimacy beyond of the street vernacular.